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a dreary nordic landscape with mist

The Berserkers
A Novel by Vic Peterson
Hawkwood Books 2022 / Recital 2023

The Berserkers Book Cover

When a beautiful woman is found stabbed and frozen in the ice of Lake Munch, dressed only in the costume wings and tight corset of a Norse Valkyrie, the small and underfunded police department of Fulaflugahål is under pressure to find her killer. Grammaticus Kolbitter, precinct records clerk by day and electronic keyboardist in the Viking heavy-metal band, The Berserkers, by night, is unwillingly pulled into the investigation. What does a records clerk know about solving crime, much less, bringing murderers to justice?

As Grammaticus embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, picking up magical friends and spiritual guides along the way, he soon learns he knows more than he thought. A rollicking ride filled with dark humor, wit, and plenty of Viking heavy-metal riffs, this Nordic mystery will keep you laughing, and thinking, all the way to the final mosh pit.

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Vic Peterson was educated at Kenyon College, the University of Texas (Dallas), and the University of Chicago and has completed novel-writing courses at the Faber Academy and Curtis Brown Creative. He worked as a business executive and now divides his time between Lawrence, Kansas, and Northport, Michigan.